If you want to spend less time in the waiting room and more time doing the things you enjoy, start lifting weights and it is never, too late to start. Ernie Rovet turned 76 in January of this year and has been training with me for about 18 months. Two years before, he had both hips replaced. When he started working with me he was ‘wobbly’ on his feet and lacked confidence to do much at all. Two years after his surgery, he is easily pressing 210lbs on the leg press and not a single hint of pain or discomfort. His last check up with his surgeon was a gold star appointment! Here is his recounting of his journey.

“ I was today trying to recall when walking became difficult for me, and then almost impossible without a heft dose of pain killer. I think this started in 2013 or early 2014. I have a small horse farm, requiring a lot of walking about and climbing steps to the maw among other things. In 2013, the pain I was experiencing started making walking to the barn a chore. In 2014, on a trip to Rome and Verona, two marvellous cities that literally beckon you to walk through history and historic neighbourhoods, I began begging off, wanting to avoid what I knew old be certain pain and discomfort.
By the Fall and Winter of 2016-2017, I dreaded walking the 300ft or so from the house to the barn. The steps up the maw were now impossible, and I spent many days in bed when the pain was simply unbearable. If not for my wife Joanne, the horses would not have been fed daily at a regular time.

My first hip surgery was in April 2017, and the second one on August 1st. Joanne through this time was herself training with Hannah. After surgery I found that I was very uncomfortable and uncertain walking, especially on uneven ground. My legs simply did not seem to want to work in a natural way. I had no feel for where I was putting my feet. Joanne encouraged me to see Hannah. The best post-surgical decision I could ever have made.

At our initial meeting I told Hannah about the my health history including the recent hip surgery. She took it from there. A steady regime of squats, stabilizing exercises and eventually leg pressing. In each case, weights increased. She had a clear goal for me in mind. The day I completed a set of 15 reps @ 210lbs on the leg press, Hannah was delighted. Her hard work had paid off. Throughout, she was extremely motivating, and encouraging without being critical, being careful to chart my workouts and to build on each one. I have worked with many trainers in the past but none who has been so systematic while still carrying an iron fist in a velvet glove. Throughout all our training, she never asked me to do anything that caused me pain or injury. Thank you Hannah!”

We will continue to work on improving Ernie’s strength. Taking care of his horses and maintaining his farm is still a big job but one that he is able to do without the dread of pain. I often wonder what his quality of life would be today had he not taken steps to improve his physical fitness? There is no age limit when it comes to lifting weights. Set goals. Follow a plan. Live a better life for it!