When can I start seeing results?

When can I start seeing results?

Probably, the number one question asked in any gym? “when can I start seeing results”? Whether you are participating in classes, working one-on-one with a personal trainer or going it alone, everyone wants to know the answer. So, when can you start seeing results?

Fitness is all about what you are prepared to invest in it. Committing to working out consistently as well as adjusting nutrition habits outside the gym, will make a difference in how you feel and eventually, how you look.

If you’re a regular class-goer, 2 – 3 times a week, you’ll definitely start to notice changes within 1-2 months. Don’t forget everyone’s ‘body’ is different, with some noticing changes much sooner than others. Regardless, the key to getting results is consistency!

Typically, with a weight-based program it depends how often you train. After about four weeks, you’ll see a slight change, and between eight to 12 weeks you’ll start seeing changes in strength and muscle definition. Don’t get upset by the results you don’t get from the work you don’t do. As long as you stick with a program, the results will follow.

Will I get faster results, running or walking? The bottom line, your body benefits from small changes almost instantly, and if you stick with it by slowly building up your volume and intensity (keyword: slowly to prevent injury) and allow for adequate recovery, you’ll see big improvements in as little as two weeks.

It may take a little time to start seeing physical results however, mental results will happen almost immediately. Just showing up for a workout can make you feel better. It’s the combined mental and physical confidence you gain through exercise that will help with your overall improvement.

When you look at people who lose weight through diet alone and compare them to those who do it through diet and exercise, the latter group will always demonstrate a better result. That’s because the addition of exercise increases lean tissue mass, preserves your metabolism, increases energy, reduces stress therefore decreasing cortisol levels and sleep is greatly improved. We know that there are all key elements to weight loss.

What is the takeaway from this? Results don’t happen overnight. It took some time to get the body you have ‘today’ so you’ll need to invest some time and energy into getting the body, you want. Remember, it’s the journey that makes it worthwhile. The early mornings, the workouts, the classes, eating clean, going to bed early: it will all be worth the effort when you look in the mirror and see the ‘healthy’ you! When you can move without pain and no longer rely on medication. When you feel comfortable and confident in your body.

My advice, find an activity that you enjoy. There is no point doing someone else’s program Grab a pen and paper. Write a plan.  Schedule time for your workouts. Get a workout buddy. Change your attitude. When the excuses stop, the results begin.

P.S. Not quite sure where to begin? Our popular, small-group classes have evolved to meet the demands of today’s new environment. All our classes are held outdoors, weather permitting, and are hosted at Hyland Park or behind the gym in the ‘back alley’! Our new class schedule features; REBOOT Bootcamp, Outside The Box [OTB], Pure leBarre, FlexFriday and Yoga.