What’s Old is New Again!

What’s Old is New Again!

At the start of the New Year we look forward to the announcement of the hottest new fitness trends for the year and like it or not, some of the hottest fitness trends of the 1980’s and 1990’s are making a massive comeback! Good news, at Towne Fitness we’ve got you covered for the Top 3 Trends.

First and foremost; boxing is back! We were excited to launch our brand new, PUNCH FIT class this month to a very enthusiastic audience of keen wannabe boxers! The class is a great cardiovascular workout and is based on the training used for boxing so may include; skipping, body weight exercise (squats, push ups, sit ups, etc.), hand weight exercises, boxing drills such as footwork and punching technique, core/abdominal workouts, partner work, focus pad work – all focusing on fitness and toning. There is NO contact in the class (You don’t need to get hit, to be fit!). Typically, it starts with a cardio warmup (skipping, jumping jacks, etc), stretching, hand pads, weight work, core work. Circuits are also utilized. If you do not have gloves and would like to try, we will provide you with a demo pair. Kimura wear gloves and wraps are available for purchase at the front desk.

2020 brings good news as the 2nd trend is the shortened workout and class times! Fast and focused workouts. We hear it every day, and I’m sure you’ve heard yourself say it, “I’m too, busy!”. Don’t stress. At Towne Fitness, our group classes, with the exception of Yoga and Bootcamp, are 35 minutes long!  As behaviours change and allotting time for that 60 – 90 minute workout becomes more challenging, we’ve got your time constraints covered. Arrive early for a warmup and maximize your time on the floor. Get a full body workout in less time.

And finally, mindfulness and active recovery! We are hearing ‘mindfulness’ more often as it has made its way out of the yoga studio and into other forms of fitness. Our classes and personal training sessions are seeing the results of mindfulness and breathing techniques as our clients see improvements in quality of movement, mental acuity, stress management, quality of sleep, and self-esteem. All these factors lead to a better chance of achieving health and weight loss goals. Quite often our trainers are heard reminding clients to make the ‘mind-muscle’ connection for improved results. Finishing a class or a training session ‘on-the-mat’ is a staple in our gym and although there is still a rumble of complaining about the plank that is about to be set upon them, time on the mat is definitely welcomed.

So, too is active recovery! Whether working through injury or rehabilitating an injury, active recovery is key to returning to optimal health. It could be a foam roller, trigger ball, massage cupping, GuaSha Scraping Massage Scraping or a simple muscle roller. Taking care of our bodies at the end of a workout is now ‘in’ and a top 3 trend. Not that we haven’t encouraged it as part of self care for all our clients/members.