by Tiffany McCabe, Social Worker, Wellness Therapist

Today I saw on facebook that there is 5 more weeks until daffodils bloom and robins chirp- it gives me some hope for warmer, brighter weather. But how are we supposed to survive until then? I have four tips that I will share below that have helped me survive the winter blues!

1. Keep going outside.
I was so lucky to be part of Hannah’s beginners running group in the fall. Running has been something that I have continued through the winter. It is amazing how warm your body gets out in the frigid winter temperatures. It allows me to clear my mind, breath, and give me a little time for myself. This may sound silly, but I have also discovered winter hiking with my family. Island Lake is a beautiful and easy path for my entire family to join in; my husband and I have also been going to mono cliffs, however, it is a little slippery for my two young children.

2. Eating fresh raw fruits and vegetables.
As we are all home doing work and school, I make a snack board of colourful fruits and vegetables. My daughters have been asking for watermelon, and as much as I try to eat in season, I can not deny that eating watermelon in the middle of winter gives me a smile! It is the little things that count.

3. Being grateful.
Each day I try to think of at least one thing to be thankful for. This can literally change the way we think and feel. A practice of gratitude, thanking those around you, spreads positive feelings and a sense of joy.

4. Planning for summer.
I love planning for my vegetable garden, pinteresting beautiful pictures and feeling inspired. I also love planning family camping trips and talking about new places to explore. This gives me and my family things to look forward to and feel excited about.

What have you been doing to help survive the winter?