Staff Bio’s

Hannah Sine

Owner, Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer for the past seven years at Towne Fitness, Hannah was the recipient of the 2017 and 2018 Readers Choice GOLD Award for Best Personal Trainer in Dufferin County and in 2019, she received the “First Place – DIAMOND” Award for Best Personal Trainer. A true reflection of her dedication to her Personal Training clients and Towne Fitness Members.

When she is not in the gym she is most likely running either on the trails, the road or at the track. A diverse runner, Hannah has participated in many road races including the Boston Marathon in 2016 and 2018 as well as many trail races. In 2019 she completed her first 100km trail race in Australia, the UTA100 and has plans to increase that distance to 100 miles. An active member of the Guelph Victors Running Club, she was the 2019 recipient of the “Grit and Determination Award”.

“The cancellation of the 2020 Race Calendar has been disappointing and difficult however I have continued to train in preparation for 2021; whatever that may look like. I truly enjoy the training process more than the racing and bringing others into the sport along the way is an added bonus. I am excited to get back into racing next year with plans of competing abroad, again”.

Hannah teaches many of our classes, heads up our Towne Fitness Runners, implemented our very successful 12 Week Results Challenge and more recently launched, Your Personal Best Six Week Program with Rachel Murray, RHN. Her enthusiasm for fitness and running is infectious. If you are interested in discussing any of our programs, Personal Training options or anything ‘running’ related, Hannah can be reached at (519) 830-6177 or email:

Jeff Sine

Owner, Personal Trainer, Certified Coach Practitioner

A life long passion for fitness and running were the driving force behind what is now Towne Fitness and opening the doors to the community in 2012 was a dream come true for Owner and Personal Trainer, Jeff Sine. Jeff has been a Personal Trainer for many years and in 2016 completed his Coaching Certification. Jeff’s knowledge and experience with endurance running has proven to be an asset to our Towne Fitness Runners.

More recently, Jeff completed his certification in McGill Levels 1, 2 & 3 with Dr. Stuart McGill and is keen to share his knowledge and experience in dealing with back pain. He has developed a successful training plan for building back strength and easing the rehabilitation process.

If you have questions for Jeff or would like to learn more about ‘Back Mechanics”, he can be reached at (519) 830-6137 or email him at

Edward Sine
Edward is the eldest son of owners Jeff and Hannah Sine and like them has developed a passion for fitness and overall health. Although he has always been active, it is just the past two years that he has devoted much of his time and energy to weight training and nutrition. Edward has excelled at building a healthy lifestyle around fitness and nutrition and has succeeded at “dieting” without actually dieting. His daily routine of weight based training, cardio and nutrition has allowed him to maintain a Body Fat Percentage of 12-13% and he is able to do this without feeling hungry or tired.
With the recent downturn in the aviation industry, Edward, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer has joined the Towne Fitness Team and is excited to be supporting the re-opening and re-launch of the family business. He is just as passionate as his parents when it comes to the fitness industry so be sure to have a conversation with him.
“I wasn’t always lean. I was an average, moderately overweight kid and although I was active I was not happy with my overall physique. It wasn’t until I left school that I shifted my focus to nutrition. [My portions are never small.] If you have any questions about how I achieved this, I would be happy to chat with you.” Edward Sine  
Jill Alcanar

Jill is a Certified Personal Trainer at the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus. She is CPR and First Aid Certified and always ensures the safety and health of her clients first. Jill enjoys weight lifting and leading others through personalized workouts; helping them achieve their fitness goals as well as having fun. Jill is motivated by many big fitness influencers, through their inspiring love for fitness and physical and mental health. Currently, she works with student athletic representatives at UTM to ensure the voices of students are heard, especially in mental health wellness.

Rachel Murray, BSc (Health Promotion), BScN, RN, d?TERRA WA, RHN

Holistic Nutritionist

Penny Leimbrock

RYT200 Yoga Teacher & Amateur Boxer

Tiffany McCabe

Social Worker/Wellness Therapist

Nicole Jones

Personal Trainer