Small is the New Big

Small is the New Big

We all know that ‘the cheapest is not always the best’ or the ‘lowest quote doesn’t guarantee the best result’, so what about, ‘the bigger the better’? Does size really matter?

For almost eight years we have operated a successful fitness business, Towne Fitness, in Shelburne, Ontario and at just under 3,000 sq ft, it is considered a ‘small’ gym. So, ‘is it possible to achieve the same results in a gym, based on floor space’? To be a successful bodybuilder do you need 8,000 square feet, or can you achieve the same results in 3,000 sq ft? For someone that wants to bulk up, work on definition, tone or build strength, do you need that extra floor space in order to achieve this? What about rehabilitation, sport specific training, group classes and personal training; how does square footage impact these?

When we look at the fitness industry and, more specifically, how gyms are designed, (especially in larger metropolitan areas), they are generally large-scale franchises. Apart from actual floor space, the only notable difference between these gyms and Towne Fitness is quantity.  More members, more staff, equipment duplication, more showers, more wait times for equipment and overall more congestion.  So, what if the membership base is on the ‘small’ size?

At Towne Fitness, we have the same equipment as the bigger gyms.  We have knowledgeable staff including personal trainers. We have showers, lockers, towel service, classes, nutritional support and an incredibly supportive community within the gym. So, how does this translate? We have witnessed, firsthand remarkable results can be achieved, no matter the overall square footage.

We have shared many a journey with members. We’ve witnessed great gains and transformations. With our strong running community, we’ve watched great finish lines; from beginner running groups to marathoners and podium finishes. We have helped members shed pounds, lots of pounds. We have supported their overall well being, both mentally and physically. And, guaranteed, when they arrive at Towne Fitness we know more than just their name. Likely, we know where they go on holiday, what they got for their birthday and their favorite pre-workout. And when they go MIA, it gets noticed.

So, in today’s ‘COVID-19’ environment, when success can be so fragile, and protocols for business owners seem to change on a minute-to-minute basis, you have to wonder, what will the fitness industry look like moving forward?

We believe smaller, boutique style fitness centers will begin to open. With safety a priority, memberships at smaller centers will grow as they offer a more closely monitored environment. At Towne Fitness our priority has always been to provide a safe and comfortable environment and now more than ever we feel ‘small’ is the new ‘big’!