Mindful Meditation

Mindful Meditation

By now you have probably heard about ‘mindfulness meditation’. An image of a person sitting cross-legged in the grass, eyes closed, a smile on their face, and a beam of sun shining down, most likely comes to your mind. You most likely also think that you need to focus on “nothingness” and have a clear mind- which may seem impossible! However- being mindful is possible (even fun and easy!); here are three steps for introducing mindfulness into your life.

Step One: Finding safety!

When Hannah asked me to write something on mindfulness- a memory popped up in my mind. While living in Kenya, I met up with a friend, where we randomly decided to go on a white-water trip in Jinja Uganda on the Nile. This is some of the craziest white water in the world. I spent my time being flung out of the raft and drinking way too much dirty water. You may be asking how is this being mindful? Well- it’s not; but the point is that safety is the first step to take to leading a more mindful life. This can be the biggest step to be honest, many of us do not feel safe in our body or our environment. Safety can be the reason that brings us to the gym. Towne fitness has created an environment where we can feel safe working out, or trying something new. If you are struggling with safety- reach out.

Step Two: What do you notice?

Another memory popped up- some of my greatest teachable moments have been while I was travelling. I was backpacking around India, I landed in Delhi (a population of 30 million people!), to say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. However, it was in the middle of the chaos, that I was able to find peace within. Despite many things happening around me, I was able to take in the smell of the jasmine flowers, I could see the sights of beautiful silk sarees, I could feel the breeze on my face to break up the heat of the day, and I could hear the beautiful call to prayer. Next time you are feeling overwhelmed, just notice- what you see, hear, smell, taste and feel- go with that. As you allow your mind to ground you in your senses you will feel present and whole.

Step Three: Move!

I think the biggest myth about mindfulness is that you have to be still and silent. The best and easiest way to tap into mindfulness is go for a walk. Notice what is around you while walking and what directions your thoughts go. As your walking take some cleansing breaths in and out.

I am excited to hear about your mindfulness journey! Let us know what you notice and how you are adding mindfulness into your life.