Strenghth, balance, agility and flexibility can all be developed, at any level of experience, using functional training. Our ‘Functional Training’ equipment includes;

  • PlyoBox [Box Jumps]
  • Combat Rope
  • Slam Balls [15lbs – 45 lbs]
  • Sand bags [20lbs – 50lbs]
  • Weighted bars [8lbs – 25 lbs]
  • Kettlebells [5lbs – 88 lbs]
  • TRX/Hang Training Post
  • EQ Bars & Buddy System Trainers
  • Resistance bands
  • Medicine Balls
  • Wobble board/s
  • BOSU balls
  • Tractor/Truck Tyres
  • Agility Ladder
  • Hurdles
  • Skipping Ropes
  • Foam Rollers [including the ‘Gladiator’]
  • Mats and Yoga Mats

Our TECHNOGYM equipment provides a full body workout with the stability and convenience that machines offer and includes: Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Lat Pulldown, Seated Row, Arm Curl, Arm Extension, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Abductor & Adductor. Great for all ages.

We also offer a variety of HAMMER STRENGTH [plate loaded] Machines; Pulldown, Pullback, Leg Press, and Calf Press. As well as a Power Squat Rack, a full range of benches [incline/decline/flat] and dumbells. A Back Extension Machine, Preacher’s Bench and FREEMOTION Tricep machine complete our fixed Strength equipment.


Our designated ‘Cardio Area’ offers members the choice of 10 pieces of cardio equipment including; Four [4] LifeFitness Treadmills, a Concept2 Rowing Machine, two [2] LifeFitness Elipticals, an upright bike & recumbent bike, a Cybex Total Body Arc Trainer, a T-Zone Vibration plate & our classic Stepmill