Class Descriptions


Designed by the military using adjustable straps and your own body weight, TRX is a fully functional workout and offers a cardio workout, a resistance workout, a muscle flexibility workout, and balance all rolled into one. No matter what your goals are or your level of fitness, you will benefit from the TRX. Our class instructors will take you through a 35 minute, full body workout covering a variety of exercise from beginner to advanced level.


A ‘Kettlebell Class’ is a great combination of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. Also called ‘power training’, a Kettlebell workout is a form of strength training in which you lift, accelerate, and releases the weight, rather than slowly lowering it as in other forms of weight training. Not only is this a great muscle builder it is also a fast, efficient fat burn.


You will never be bored in this class as you sweat, push and inspire your way through a 35 – 45 minute workout. All manner of equipment and exercise combinations are used to keep you moving as you build strength, tone and shed some unwanted fat. This class moves outdoors during the warmer months and is just a whole lot more fun. Think; tyre flipping, combat rope, sprints, burpees, slamballs. Endless possibilities.


This class allows you to experience a full-body movement with dynamic and continuous sequences that will challenge your muscular endurance, flexibility, and core strength. Low-impact but still heart-pumping, this class teaches you how to use your body and the EQualizer® Bar/s creating more body awareness and challenges- a truly unique workout experience- that will leave you feeling totally empowered!


Join Owner and Personal Trainer, Jeff Sine for ‘Back Mechanics’ every Tuesday at 5.30pm. An informative half hour class on back strength and injury prevention. We have all suffered from lower back pain at some time, or know someone today that is in pain.. As you may know, Jeff has spent the last 12 months dealing with chronic back pain. He has sought the help of many healthcare professionals and has consistently worked on strengthening his back through daily exercise. He is speaking from experience. It is a journey he feels no one should have to endure. So take charge of your ‘back’ and join Jeff for a class. Dr. Magder, Shelburne Family Chiropractic, approved!


In our Yoga Fitness class you will participate in a 35 minute practice to get you moving, sweating and breathing. Be mindful and join us at 7:00 am every Thursday morning to kick start your day and every Friday evening at 7:00 pm with Penny.


This brand new class was introduced to the class schedule in January, 2020 and is a 35 minute class with a cardiovascular element that will get your heart pumping. Based on the training used for boxing the class may include; skipping, body weight exercise (squats, push ups, sit ups, etc.) hand weight exercises, boxing drills such as footwork and punching technique, core/ abdominal workouts, partner work and focused pad work – all focusing on fitness and toning. There is NO contact in the class. (You don’t need to hit, to be fit!). Typically, it starts with a cardio warmup, stretching, hand pads, weight work and core work. Circuit training is also utilized. If you don’t have gloves and would like to try a class, we can provide you with a demo pair. Kimura Wear gloves and wraps are available for purchase at the front desk.