As a Towne Fitness member you will receive a scheduled assessment with a Personal Trainer. The appointment includes; a demonstration of the equipment, a workout program to get you started and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. It is our aim to help you define and achieve your fitness goals. We further encourage all of our members to ‘check-in’ with us on a regular basis so that we can work together to update and assess your progress.

Readers’ Choice Awards 2020, 2021 & 2022 – Dufferin County

Our group classes are led by certified trainers who ensure you achieve maximum benefit from each workout. We encourage all our members to participate in the classes, no matter their level of fitness. Technique and form are essential elements and our trainers will ensure you navigate the class safely and effectively. The current class schedule includes; Yoga (Vinyasa & Slow Flow), TRX Suspension Training, PunchFit, Bootcamp and our newest addition, Mat Pilates.
Our weekly schedule is posted on-line and allows a class for any busy schedule.  ALL CLASSES ARE INCLUDED IN YOUR MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP.
Readers’ Choice Awards 2020, 2021 & 2022 – Dufferin County

Developing a relationship with a Personal Trainer is an excellent way to stay current, motivated and efficient in your exercise. If you’re looking for a burst of ‘fitness inspiration’ or you really just don’t know where to begin, working with a Personal Trainer will allow you the opportunity to set individual fitness goals and achieve them. Upon purchasing your Personal Training package, your initial consultation is FREE. A meeting with your Trainer will allow them the opportunity to assess your fitness prior to starting ‘your’ program. Ask at the front desk for pricing and promotions.


The CHALLENGE was implemented in 2013 and has been a great success with the average overall weight loss of 16lbs. Our greatest weight loss to date has been 38lbs. We encourage a gradual and safe weight loss program. There are no gimmicks, potions or pills. Although the goal of most participants is to shed pounds it is also a useful tool for improving overall health and fitness. The Challenge is simple yet effective. Accountability, support and motivation will help you reach your health goals. A true testament to the success of the program is the number of returning participants each Challenge. For cost and next starting date contact Hannah Sine, Owner/Personal Trainer. or text [519] 830-6177.

TOWNE FITNESS RUNNERS – Voted #1 BEST SPORTING ASSOCIATION 2021 & 2022 & Voted Top 3 ADULT DAY SERVICES 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards – Dufferin County

“We Leave No Runner Behind”!

The Towne Fitness Running Group is open to all members of the community. “We leave no runner behind” holds true so if you are a beginner runner or a returning runner be assured that you will complete the distance. The distance and pace of each run is determined by the individuals that show up. We have a wide variety/level of runners so you will usually have someone to run with. Instruction/advice is available and running clinics will be posted on TF Social Media. There is no pressure to participate in a race/s however if you do decide that is something you want to do, you will be in good company. Our TF Runners are a keen group of runners who demonstrate great camaraderie and always have way too much fun. Join us. It’s FREE!


We take the time to assess the condition of your back. We recommend specific exercises and stretches tailored to you. We emphasize good form and technique to  help you safely rehabilitate your back or build solid core strength for heavy lifting.

Trained in Stuart McGill’s; McGill Method courses, recognized worldwide , we can surely help you build a healthy pain free back.

Readers Choice Awards 2020 & 2021 – Dufferin County

Nutrition plays an integral role in your success, in the gym and in your life. When you work with Rachel Murray RHN, she will help you understand what foods best support your needs and provide you with a realistic whole-foods-based meal plan that complements your lifestyle, including your current fitness program. Don’t get caught in the ‘fad-diet’ cycle. If you are serious about your health, Rachel is professional, knowledgeable and supportive.
‘It’s more than just food – you have to support stress, activity & sleep’. Rachel Murray RHN